Jigsaw Puzzles instructions

Guide to the Jigsaws Puzzles Player

Welcome to this quick guide to the jigsaw puzzle player on Free Jigsaws.

The top navigation

In the left side of the top navigation, you find the logo will tak you to a page with more puzzles in the same size.

The right side consists of four buttons, which you can use while solving the jigsaw puzzle:

  1. Zoom in and out.
  2. Enter fullscreen to get more space for the jigsaw puzzle.
  3. Open side panel for more solving tools (see section below).
  4. Dots along the edge shows where to look for a lost jigsaw puzzle piece.

The side panel

The panel in the left side of the screen, features several tools you may need while solving the jigsaw puzzle:

  1. Preview image. You can click the pin to make preview image stay when the panel is closed.
  2. Restart the puzzle.
  3. Pause the timer. You can also press 'p' to pause
  4. Change background colours.
  5. Settings for timer and sound.
  6. Link back to the puzzle page.


In the side panel, you'll find several tools you may need while solving the puzzle. The side panel has two modes. One mode while solving and one after completion.

Zoom: + -

When you press + or - on your keyboard, you will increase or reduce the size of the jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Side panel:  

When you press the space bar, you will open the side panel, (the one with the three dots in the upper right corner of the page in the puzzle player). To close side panel, you can press the space bar once again.

Pause: P

When you press P, you will pause the timer. To unpause press P again.

Fullscreen: F

When you press F, you will go to fullscreen. To exit fullscreen press F again.